About Work Order Statuses

    Work order statuses visually depict the stage a work order is in. You can monitor, review, and take appropriate actions on a work order based on its status. There are four main statuses: Open, In Progress, Completed, and Invoiced.

    Alongside the main statuses, there may also be Extended Statuses which provides more details about the stage of each work order.

    Each work order is color-coded, so to give a visual cue of the status:

    Work Order Statuses

    The below illustrates typical work order statuses alongside the work order life cycle:

    Life Cycle of Work Order with Work Order Statuses

    The below lists the typical work order statuses and extended statuses configured in the system.

    Note: Your system configuration may include other extended status beyond what is listed.
    • Open: A work order was generated within Service Automation, but was not yet accepted by a service provider.
    • In Progress: The work order was accepted, and the service provider is actively working on the project.
      • In Progress/Dispatch Confirmed: The service provider assigned to your open work order has accepted the work order.
      • In Progress/On Site: The service provider has arrived at the location.
      • In Progress/Parts On Order: The service provider has indicated that additional parts are needed to complete the job.
      • In Progress/Incomplete: The service provider has indicated that the job needs further follow-up.
      • In Progress/Unsatisfactory: The service provider has completed the job, but a Location User or Facility Manager has deemed the work not acceptable.
      • In Progress/Waiting for Quote: Additional parts or labor is needed, so a service provider has submitted a price quote for the additional resources.
      • In Progress/Waiting for Approval: The service provider or ServiceChannel administrator has generated a proposal against the work order, but it is not yet approved.
      • In Progress/Proposal Approved: A proposal against the work order was approved.
    • Completed: The service provider has completed the work as described in the work order, and can generate an invoice.
      • Completed/Confirmed: Equivalent to the Completed status - the service provider has completed the work order and can generate an invoice.
      • Completed/Pending Confirmation: The service provider has completed the work, but a Location User or Facility Manager must provide satisfactory feedback on services before the work order is deemed Completed/Confirmed. Note: Pending Confirmation only appears if your system is configured to provide feedback.
      • Completed/Cancelled: The work order was withdrawn with no further services needed.
      • Completed/No Charge: The work order was completed with no service fees incurred.
    • Invoiced (Completed): Not a status in and of itself, but "Invoiced" is a completed work order has been invoiced by the service provider for payment. Note: Invoice submissions do have statuses that should not to be confused with the above work order statuses. See About the Invoice Module for more information.