Identifying Dashboard Segments

    Note: Your permissions determine access to these segments, as set by your ServiceChannel administrator.

    The Dashboard is divided into the following segments:

    4 Sections to Dashboard

    1. Left Navigation Panel: Links that steer you to the appropriate pages in the Dashboard, as follows:
      Note: You may see additional links that navigate to more information, such as user guides, company information, classes, or dashboard administrative privileges.

      Left Navigation Panel



      Provides a calendar view of each Location’s scheduled work orders; work orders that were completed within the past day; work orders that require your feedback; and work orders waiting for invoice approval.

      Request Service

      Authorizes a user to create and submit work orders.

      View Open Tickets

      Provides details on all work orders in both the Open and In Progress statuses.

      View Work History

      Provides details of all work orders in any status from the past 12 months.

      View Invoice History

      Provides details of all invoices from the past 12 months.

      Approve Invoices

      Allows a user to review and take action on Open, On-Hold / Disputed, and Reviewed invoices.

      Leave Feedback

      Allows a user to submit feedback about a service provider’s level of service while working on a work order.

      Mobile Access Code

      Authorizes mobile users with single-sign on (SSO) access to generate an access code for use with the Service Automation Mobile App.

    2. Dashboard Display Area: After clicking one of the above links, this area displays the page details.
    3. Dashboard Bar:
      • The left side of the bar will display either a title, a workflow, or additional sorting criteria, depending on the page displayed.
      • The right side of the bar displays the Dashboard’s Location number.
    4. Top-Right Corner:
      • For single-location users or Dashboard only users: Displays the Logout button.
      • For multiple-location users: Displays the Choose Location button.
      • For ServiceChannel Administrators: Displays the Close button.