Viewing and Taking Action on Proposals

    You will receive email alerts when new proposals are submitted by contractors and require your approval or other action. You can take action on these proposals in the RFPs/Proposal module in Service Automation.

    Viewing Proposals

    You can view proposals from the RFPs List and Proposals List or access some proposals directly from the work order.

    How to View a Proposal from the RFPs List

    1. On the top navigation bar, click RFPs/Proposals, and then select View/Process RFPs.
    2. Modify the report filters if required, and then click Retrieve Report. The RFPs List appears.
    3. Click Go next to the proposal you wish to view, and then click View Proposal. The proposal detailed information appears.

    In the RFPs List below, there are two RFPs with proposals that have been received. The first RFP was sent to two (2) contractors, and only one has responded so far. Therefore, the status is coded yellow, indicating that some proposals have been received.

    The second RFP was sent to one contractor, and that contractor has responded with a proposal. The status is coded green, indicating that all proposals have been received.

    Should you like to receive additional proposals, you can send the RFPs listed here to other contractors by clicking the Send to Others button. You can also delete the RFPs from this page by clicking Delete.

    View RFPs

    How to View a Proposal from the Proposals List

    1. On the top navigation bar, click RFPs/Proposals, and then select View/Process Proposals.
    2. Modify the report filters if required, and then click Retrieve Report. The Proposals List appears.
      Note: Only a maximum of 100 proposals lists on the page. Should you receive this error, go back to your reporting filters and modify them for best results.
    3. Click View Proposal next to the proposal you wish to open.

    On the proposals list, you will see the proposals that match filters that you have selected when retrieving the report. The proposal details include the proposal number and total amount; information on the location, provider, and trade; proposal date and work scheduled date; and the associated WO number. The status of the proposal is listed in the proposal details as well as presented as a color-coded box.

    Proposals List

    How to View a Proposal from a WO

    You can also access a proposal associated with a work order directly from that work order.

    When viewing your list of work orders, if there is a proposal available for the work order, a link will be provided to view all proposals submitted and the current status. In the example below, the status shows that a proposal has been submitted and has been approved.

    Work Order

    Clicking the link will display details about the proposal, the approved amount, requestor, and the associated RFP. You can also take action on the proposal by selecting the action from the drop-down on the right.

    View New Proposal

    Taking Action on a Proposal

    After you send out an RFP and contractors begin submitting proposals, you will be able to take action on them.

    In the right part of each proposal is the Action drop-down list. This allows you to take the appropriate action for that specific proposal:

    • Open. By default, all proposals are in the Open status when submitted. Should you need to place it On Hold, you may put it back to the Open status at a later time.
    • On Hold. The proposal requires further review before being approved or rejected.
    • Approve. The proposal is accepted.
    • Reject. The proposal costs and/or conditions are not agreed upon.
    • Assign. The proposal is assigned to another person in your organization.

    Proposal Actions

    How to Take Action on a Proposal

    1. Select the action you would like to take on the proposal from the Action drop-down list. The action you choose here will change the status of the proposal to Open, On Hold, Approved, or Rejected. The Proposal Action pop-up window appears.
    2. Select whether you would like this action to post to the originating work order or generate a new work order. The email address for the contractor that submitted the proposal will be automatically filled in.

      Important: When approving or rejecting a proposal, select a reason for approval/rejection from the drop-down list. Also, add a comment that provides more details.

      Proposal Action
    3. Click Send to complete the action. The status of the proposal changes to Open, On Hold, Approved, or Rejected.