About RFPs & Proposals

    The RFPs / Proposals module is available in Service Automation for both clients and contractors.  A Request for Proposal (RFP) can be sent to selected contractors from the client side in Service Automation. RFPs are created to allow contractors to submit proposals for work that needs to be done at a location. Proposals are sent by contractors detailing the costs involved for complete specified work.

    Access RFPs / Proposals

    There are two ways to create an RFP in ServiceChannel:

    1. Standalone: These RFPs are not tied to a work order. For example, you might create a standalone RFP if you need to replace all lighting fixtures at a particular location or if there is an upcoming special project. There is no work order in the system for the project. See How to Create a Standalone RFP for more information.
    2. From a Work Order: These RFPs are connected to an existing work order. See How to Create an RFP from an Existing Work Order for more information.