Upcoming Releases

    The ServiceChannel Connector app will soon be available in Fixxbook to all Service Partners. SC Connector will allow you to save time on your invoice process by automatically importing data from QuickBooks Online into ServiceChannel Service Automation. All users with “Financial Authority” will see a “QuickBooks Integration” link under Company Settings.


    What is ServiceChannel Invoice Connector?

    • ServiceChannel Invoice Connector is an application that brings efficiency to the invoice process by enabling Service Partners to automatically import invoices from QuickBooks to ServiceChannel.

    Are there any additional fees to use SC Invoice Connector?

    • No.

    Which versions of QuickBooks does SC Invoice Connector work with?

    • QuickBooks Online Essential
    • QuickBooks Online Plus

    How do I know which version of QuickBooks I’m using?

    • Login to Quickbooks.
    • Click the Settings icon (the gear at the top right to the left of "Help").
    • Under "Your Company", select "Account and Settings".
    • Click "Billing and Subscription" on the left.
    • In the "Accounting" section, your plan type is listed under "Plan Details".

    Some of my invoices are already generated automatically. What happens if these are also imported to SC from QuickBooks?

    • No problem. SC checks for duplicates.

    Does data flow from ServiceChannel to QuickBooks?

    • Currently, data flows only from QuickBooks to ServiceChannel.

    Who at my company will have access to the new QuickBooks links in Fixxbook?

    • The “QuickBooks Integration” link will be under the “Company” tab within “Settings”. Only users with the “Sys admin” role have access to this tab. Those “Sys admin” users who additionally have the “Financial Authority” role will see the “QuickBooks Integration” link.
    • All users with the “Financial Authority” role (even if they are not “Sys admins”) will have access to the “QuickBooks Invoice Details” link under “My Account”.

    If one user at Company A activates the connection, will it be active for all users at Company A with financial authority, or does each user need to approve the connection individually?

    • If the connection is activated by any one user, it will be active for all users at the company.