Upcoming Releases

Customers using Site Audit will soon benefit from enhanced reporting functionality and an improved user interface.

Site Audit Reporting will deliver greater user experience in retrieving site audits’ data and monitoring assets conditions across time, locations and types of site audits. The tool displays audit scores, photos, comments and information on the work orders created during the audit, providing visibility in monitoring location condition trends, as well as a modern look and feel.

Available features within a Site Audit Report includes:

  • Filtering site audits by time, location and type
  • List of filtered site audits is instantly visible, with date, location information, type of audit and overall score of the location
  • List of filtered site audits sortable by date/type of audit
  • Downloadable Excel file with site audits’ data
  • Detailed view of an individual site audit
  • Detailed view with all the comments, quantities, photos taken by an auditor
  • Individual audits are easily printable as PDF

We want our platform to be easy to use on all devices. Yes, even your favorite phablet!

It’s permission based so it will only show items that you have access to. All menu items will be in one place and work the same on many devices.



ALP settings will be updated to include:

  • Emergency Definition - Administrators will be able to indicate which Priorities should be included in the Emergency counts.