Adding Locations to a Preventive Maintenance Service

    Once you have set up a PM Service and set up corresponding Frequencies, you can assign Locations to that PM Service.  Locations can only be added to one of the Frequencies under each PM service description. The system does not allow locations to be added to more than one frequency under each PM service.  This prevents duplicate work orders from generating for the same type of service.

    How To Add Locations to a PM Service

    Note: You must have set up a PM Service and a corresponding Frequency before assigning a service for a location.
    1. Navigate to more > PMs > PM Service.
    2. Click Frequencies in the Actions column for the PM Service you wish to add to a Location. The Frequency List for the selected PM Service will display.
    3. Click Locations  in the Actions column for the Frequency you wish to add a Location. The Locations page for the PM Service and Frequency will display.
    4. Click Unassigned.  A listing of the locations that are not assigned to the Frequency will display at the bottom of the screen. There are two ways to add Locations from this page: manually or by importing the Excel template. When you have more than about five (5) locations to add, the Excel template may be the quickest way.
    5. Check the box to select your desired Location(s). To select all Locations, check the box in the blue header at the top of the list. If you select all Locations, remember to uncheck any Training or Billing locations that you do not wish to assign PM services to.Assign Sites
    6. Click Assign.  The checked locations will be assigned to the frequency and the Assign(X) button will indicate how many Locations are assigned to the Frequency. In the screenshot above, one (1) location is selected, so the button is updated to Assign (1).
    7. Once the Location has been assigned to the Frequency, you can then configure the Pricing/NTEs. Check the box next to the Location and click Edit(1). The Edit pop-up for the location will display.Assign Location
    8. Enter your desired configuration for the location:
      • Quantity: Enter the number of work orders for each locations, which is usually one (1). Be careful to not enter the price/NTE in this field.
      • Subtotal: Enter the agreed upon price or NTE amount for the service.
      • Tax: Enter the Tax amount, if applicable. If you do not know the exact Tax amount, you can make sure the NTE leaves room to cover the Tax.
      • Tax2Type and Tax2: These fields can typically be left blank (mainly used for Canada).
      • Caller ID not required: If you allow the service provider to call into the IVR from any phone number (not just restricted) check this box.  If IVR is restricted and a telecom file is loaded, then this does not apply, so do not check this box.
    9. Click Update Location. Your settings will now appear in the Locations List for the location you just added.Updated Location