Adding Frequencies to Preventive Maintenance (PM) Services

    Frequencies allow you to indicate how often a service should occur at specific locations. You can create as many frequencies as necessary. For example, you may have some locations serviced monthly and others quarterly.  For example, you can set a frequency for routine HVAC maintenance to occur every six months for locations in warmer regions, while setting a frequency of quarterly for locations in colder regions.

    How to Setup a Frequency for a PM Service:

    1. Navigate to more > PMs > PM Services. The PM Services page appears.
    2. Click the Frequencies link in the Actions column for the PM Service you wish to setup:
      • If there are currently no frequencies set up for the service, the Add New Frequency pop-up will appear .
      • If frequencies exist for the service, the Frequency List will appear. Click Add New Frequency to open the Add New Frequency pop-up.
    3. Enter your desired information. The following fields are required (the descriptions for remaining fields are listed in PM Module Terminology):
      • Generate First Work Order with Call Date of:  Click the calendar to the right and choose date the PM Services should begin.  The date must be a future date.  This date becomes the call date.
      • Generate in Advance:  Enter a number to indicate how many days prior to call date, the work order will dispatch to the contractor.  This allows the contractor to have advanced notice of service needed and gives them time to contact location and schedule. Best practice is to generate the work order no more than 7 to 14 days in advance.  Even if the work order(s) generate 7 days in advance, the contractor cannot check in before the call date.  
      • Length of Work Order:  Enter a number to indicate the time period in days or months in which the service must be performed.  For example, if it is a monthly work order, the length of work order(s) would be (1) month (change days to month).   This date becomes the expiration date on work order(s). 
        Note: If you selected the first box to “Append Service Window” when you set up the PM, this is where the information will pull from.  The work order will not only have the PM Description, but also the service window.  Example:  Service Window:  1/1/00 through 1/31/00.
      • Assignment Rule: Select  which contractor will receive work order(s).   
        • Primary rank: Assign work order(s) to the first ranked contractor for that location and trade.  
        • Fixed rank: Assign work order(s) to a specific rank number for that trade and location.  
        • Contractors Name:  Choose a contractor by name which will guarantee work order(s) will be issued to that contractor as long as contractor is attached to that location(s) and trade.
        • Description: Enter type of frequency, example Monthly, Quarterly, Annual January, etc.  Best practice is to only enter name of the frequency in this description box and not the type of service.   If you selected Append Frequency when adding the new service, the description you enter will be appended after of the PM Service description.  If both Append boxes were checked, the work order will display the PM Service description, the Frequency description and the Service Window.  Add New Frequency
    4. Click Save Frequency. The new Frequency will appear on on the Frequencies page.

    How to Add an Attachment to a Frequency

    If you wish to add an attachment (e.g., a Statement of Work or other documentation related to that service frequency) to the frequency, click Attachments in the Actions column. Then browse and select the attachment.

    Attachment Link 

    How to Edit Frequencies

    Once your frequencies are set up, you can always go back and modify them. There are a number of ways to access Frequencies for editing:

    • From the PM Services page: Click Frequencies in the Actions column for the service  you wish to edit.Frequency Edit
    • From the PM Locations page: Click the location attached to the Frequency you wish to edit. The Services page will appear. Then click Frequencies in the Actions column for the service you wish to edit.Frequency Edit
    Note: Whenever you make a change to PM Services, Locations or Frequencies, the changes will not affect work orders that have previously loaded.