Managing Trades

    In Fixxbook a trade describes a type of work your company performs and is a foundation for your account. You may cover one or many trades and you may cover those trades in different geographical regions. The trades you select will be used when companies perform a contractor search and as a starting point to other client requirements sections. Ask your client if there is a specific trade they need you to select so you show up correctly for reporting.

    Searching for and Adding Trades

    Fixxbook has a list of master trades from which you can choose to associate with your company. These master trades assist with benchmarking and analytics for you and your clients. When you search for a trade you will receive a list of potential matches to pick from. Hovering over a trade displays the alias trade relationship. (View a list of all trades and aliases or simply search for a trade.)

    Once you search for the trades, you may add them to your list.

    How To Search for and Add Trades:

    1. On the Trades page, click Trades. The Please select trades you perform page appears.
    2. In the top-middle of your screen, enter your trade in the Search trades box. The list of potential trades will appear.
      Search For Trades
      Note: In situations where a trade has already been added to your company’s list, searching for that trade will lead to no results.
    3. Click the trade. The trade is added to your company’s list.
      Add Trades

    How To Delete A Trade:

    Note: When you have only one trade listed you can’t delete that trade until a new trade is added.
    Note: When a trade is assigned to a region you must remove that assignment before you can delete the trade. 
    1. On the Trades page, click Trades. The Please select trades you perform page appears.
    2. On the right side of the page, hover on the desired trade. A trash can appears.
    3. Click the trash can for the desired trade. The trade is removed from the list.