About the Profile Score

    Your Fixxbook Profile Score is designed to be a quick indicator that clients can utilize to understand the amount of valuable information a contractor has provided in their Fixxbook Profile. The score does not imply a performance rating or competency of the contractor. Your profile score is correlated to your profile completion, however there are a few other factors that affect a profile score. 

    Things that affect the score are:

    • Years in business
    • Profile completion
    • Years registered in Fixxbook
    • Reference documentation
    • Licences/Trades; including documentation
    • Insurance documentation

    The scoring algorithm implements Bell Curve Grading. The maximum score is 100. For example, if a company receives a score of 85, it means that based on the above criteria, the profile is better then 85% of other profiles in the system.

    Your Profile Score will be seen by all ServiceChannel clients when they perform a contractor search. You can receive a higher score by fully completing each section of your Fixxbook Profile and providing supporting documentation.

    Profile Score