Entering Your Company into Fixxbook through a Client Invitation

    Clients will invite you to join their Private Network in Fixxbook so they can manage the compliance of all contractors and so they can send you work orders. You will receive this invitation in the form of an email from donotreply@servicechannel.com. In order to accept the invitation and complete your clients requirements you must have a Fixxbook account.

    Note: In situations where you are already doing work for another client in Fixxbook and ServiceChannel you do not need to create another Fixxbook account. You can just login to your current account and accept your client's invite.

    In Fixxbook, you are completing a profile that allows prospective clients and other contractors to search for you. The information you provide must match your business records. 

    How To Enter Your Company into Fixxbook from a Client Invitation:

    1. Receive an email from donotreply@fixxbook.com with a subject of Invite Request: Work with {Company Name}.
    2. At the bottom of the email, click Accept Request. A welcome page appears.
    3. In the bottom-left Click on Sign Up. The create your profile page appears.
    4. Enter your company name as it appears on business records. Select the Country and State/Province where your company is headquartered.
      Create Your Profile
    5. Click Next. A list of companies appears.
      Note: In situations where no list of companies appear, skip to step 8.
    6. Scroll to the bottom of the list of companies.
      Note: Each company should only have one Fixxbook account per Tax ID/EIN/SSN. If you see your company listed please request access to the existing account.
    7. Click Continue New Company Registration. The Create Company page appears.
    8. Enter your Name, Email and Password.
    9. Review the Privacy Policy.
    10. Check the box next to “I have read and agreed to the Privacy Policy”.
      Create Company
    11. Click Create My Company. You are logged into Fixxbook.
    12. Continue the registration process from step 2, here.