About Work Order Properties

    The Work Order Properties section of Service Automation Admin allows you to manage some of the options that are required for completing work orders:

    • Categories: The overall classifications used to group different types of work orders (e.g., Maintenance, Repair, CapEx, etc.). 
    • Priorities: The number of days from the Call Date the service provider should complete the requested work (e.g., Emergency, Normal, 7 Days, etc.).
    • Statuses: The current stage of the work order (e.g., In Progress, On Site, Complete, etc.).
    • Trades/NTEs: The lines of work under which the work order falls (e.g., Electrical, Plumbing, Carpentry, etc.) and their corresponding NTEs (not to exceed amounts).

    These options are selected when creating new work orders and reported when viewing work orders. In the example below, properties appear in the Work Order Summary pop-up in the Dashboard

     Work Order Summary

    You can also run Work Order Reports by selecting and filtering using these options as shown in the screenshot of the Work History Report below.

    Work Order Reports