Activating Mobile Access

    Users who connect to Service Automation via their company intranet can log into the ServiceChannel Mobile app using a mobile access code system.  You can specify which users can generate mobile access codes from the Admin module.

    How to Activate Mobile Access for Users

    1. Navigate to more > Admin > Permissions > Mobile. The mobile access options appears.
    2. Select the users you wish to allow access using the mobile access code system. Please see Maintaining Users for descriptions of user types described below.
      • No users: Neither corporate or Dashboard users will be able to generate mobile access codes.
      • All Users excluding Dashboard only Users: Only corporate users will be able to generate mobile access codes. Dashboard only users will not have the option available. 
      • All Users: Both corporate and Dashboard only users will have the option to generate mobile access codes.
        Mobile Invitation
    3. Click Save.

    The users you select here will now have a Mobile Access Code option when they log in to ServiceChannel. From here they will be able to generate a Mobile Access Code and log in to the mobile app using a mobile access code.

    Mobile Access Code