Viewing and Adding Notes to Work Orders

    At any point during the life cycle of a work order, permissioned users may enter notes to augment the details of the request, as needed.

    It is extremely important to add detailed notes to all service requests. This ensures the service provider has as much information as possible, which may help expedite the response time.

    How to view Notes on a work order

    1. On the desired work order, click the Date listed under the Notes column.

    The Note Summary page will appear with the following information:

    Column Header



    Note number. Notes are listed in descending order, by date, with the newest note on top.


    Description or explanation from the user, or automatic details about the work order generated by the system.

    Created by

    The username or email address of the user who created the note.

    Created Date

    The date and time the note was created.

    Scheduled Date

    The date and time the service provider is scheduled to be on site at the location.

    How to add Notes to a work order

    1. From the Note Summary page, click Add Note. The note dialog box appears, and is automatically populated with a date and time, as well as your username in the Step 1: Enter Your Name text box.
    2. In the Step 2: Enter note text box, enter the appropriate note. Note that this information will be seen by all users permissioned for your location, including service providers and administrators.
    3. In the Step 3: Choose recipient area box, select the appropriate recipient(s) to whom your note will be emailed.
      1. To select more than one person, hold the Control key (PC) or Command key (Mac), and then click the appropriate names.
    4. Upload attachments and enter appropriate descriptions (if necessary).
    5. Click Submit.