About the Work Order Summary

    On the View Open Tickets and View Work History pages, hovering over the tracking number will pull up the Work Order Summary:

    Hover Over Tracking Number to See Work Order Summary



    Tracking #

    A number automatically generated when the work order was created.


    The number of days the work order is open.


    The person who submitted the work order.

    Created By

    The login account used to submit the work order.

    Call Date

    The date the work order was generated.


    The number of days from the Schedule Date the service provider should arrive onsite to work on the issue, as configured by your administrator.


    The company assigned the work order.

    Vendor's Phone*

    The service provider’s telephone number.


    The line of work under which the work order falls.


    Classifications that are created in the system by the administrator to group different types of work orders.

    Scheduled Date

    The date and time the service provider should arrive at your location, calculated by the Priority.

    NTE Amount*

    An acronym for not to exceed: the maximum amount the service provider may charge for the service listed on the work order.


    The explanation of the problem, as entered while placing the service request.


    The current stage of the work order.


    Additional details about the work order, entered either automatically by the system or by users or service providers.


    The final outcome of the work, as entered by the service provider.

    * = Your system configuration determines if you can see the Vender’s Phone or NTE Amount.