Viewing Open Work Orders and the Work Order History

    Viewing Open Tickets

    An open work order is one that has not been completed by the service provider. These work orders are in either the Open or In Progress status.

    From the View Open Tickets page you can:

    • Review open work orders for both Scheduled Services and Requested Repairs.
    • Review the work order summary, including the estimated scheduled date.
    • Determine if a service provider accepted a work order.
    • View the status of an In Progress work order.
    • Review notes, and add notes and attachments to appropriate work orders.
    Note: Your dashboard permissions determine if you are able to review and add notes and attachments.

    How to View Open Work Orders:

    1. Click View Open Tickets on the left navigation panel. The Open Work Order list will appear. For more details about each column, see About Work Order Lists, below.

    View Open Tickets

    Viewing the Work Order History

    Tracking and viewing work orders allow you to stay informed of progress of work orders, and help answer questions you may have on work order statuses.

    From the View Work History page you can review the same information as you would on the View Open Tickets page, as well as:

    • View the status of all work orders in any status, up to the past 12 months.

    How to View Work Order History:

    1. Click View Work History on the left navigation panel. The Work Order History list will appear. For more details about each column, see About Work Order Lists, below.View Work Order History

    About Work Order Lists

    For both Open Work Orders and Work Order History lists, the following information will appear:

    • The Legend appears above the top-left of the table, identifying each work order status by color.
    • Work orders can be Sorted by the following:
      • Type of Service: In the Dashboard bar, All work orders are displayed by default. Click Scheduled Services, Requested Repairs, or Supply Manager to see only those work orders.
      • Period drop-down menu (Work Order History only): Displays work orders from the past 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months.
      • Sort by drop-down menu: Display work orders by Status, Area, Completion Date, Priority, Scheduled Date, Tracking number, Trade, or Vendor.
    • In the Tracking# column:
      • Click the attachment icon  to view a list of work order attachments, if available.
      • Hover over the tracking number to view the work order summary. See About the Work Order Summary for more information on each line item.
    • In the Sched.Date column, review the estimated date the service provider is scheduled to arrive at your location for this work order.
    • In the Description column, review the details of the work order. (Note: the details that appear depend on the configuration, as set by your ServiceChannel administrator.)
    • In the Notes column, click the Date to review the notes listed. The date represents the last day a note was appended to the work order. See Adding a Note to Work Orders for more information.

    Exporting Work Order Lists

    Open work orders and work order history lists may be downloaded into a CSV file, for viewing in a spreadsheet program, such as Microsoft Excel. Your ServiceChannel configuration determines if you are able to download these lists.

    Note: To view the file you must have a spreadsheet program, such as Microsoft Excel, installed in your computer.

    How to Export Open Work Orders:

    1. Click the Export to Excel button, located below the dashboard bar.
    2. If prompted, click to either Open or Save.
      • (If Save is clicked): Open the CSV file in your preferred spreadsheet program to view.