Providing Feedback on Work Orders

    Feedback is essential to the work order process. When a service provider completes a job, his or her work can be graded as Excellent, Satisfactory, or Unsatisfactory on the respective work order.

    Note: For users with the Provider Reviews and Ratings feature, see Provider Reviews and Ratings for more information.

    Feedback may also include the quality and timeliness of service; the service provider service and interaction; and the completion of services. Feedback can be configured to work either as a standalone function, or linked to the overall work order progression.

    It is best practice to provide feedback within 5 days of the service provider completing the work.

    • Standalone feedback: Once the service provider completes the job, the work order is marked as Completed. The satisfaction or dissatisfaction of services rendered is simply noted on the work order.
    • Feedback Linked to Work Order Progression: Once a service provider completes the job, the work order is marked as Completed/Pending Confirmation. Feedback serves as confirmation of services:
      • Excellent or Satisfactory feedback advances a work order to the Completed/Confirmed status.
      • Unsatisfactory feedback reverses a work order to the In Progress status.

    When feedback is linked to work order progression, an email is sent to the original work order requester and/or the location every night, notifying that the work order is awaiting feedback.

    Note: Your Service Channel administrator determines which feedback configuration your location uses, if any.

    Leaving Feedback

    How to leave feedback on a work order:

    1. Click Leave Feedback on the left navigation panel. All work orders requiring feedback will appear.
    2. Your name should appear automatically; if not, enter your first and last name.
    3. Choose the appropriate Feedback for the service(s) performed.
    4. Enter feedback comments as appropriate:
      • Excellent or Satisfactory feedback: Comments are optional.
      • Unsatisfactory feedback: Comments are required.
    5. Click Submit Feedback.
    6. Depending on the feedback chosen, the appropriate confirmation will appear:
      • Excellent or Satisfactory feedback: “Feedback successfully submitted for ‘x’ work order(s).”
      • Unsatisfactory feedback: “Feedback successfully submitted for ‘x’ work order(s). We appreciate your feedback. The unsatisfactory feedback has been noted and forwarded to the vendor and facilities so the appropriate action can be taken.”
      • ‘x’ work order(s) = the number of work orders for which feedback was submitted.