FX Release Notes


    August 25, 2016

    Tax ID now mandatory in Fixxbook profiles
    • The Tax ID field is now mandatory on Fixxbook profiles. (Contractors can still register and create a profile without entering a Tax ID; the "Company information" section will just be listed as Incomplete.) "Tax ID" has been added as a menu item under the Clients section. This item is only used to indicate whether or not the Tax ID has been entered. The actual Tax ID is not displayed. 
    Response time improved for "Active Contractors" page
    • The Subscriber's view of the "Active Contractors" page now loads search results in a timely manner. 

    March 3, 2016

    Compliance Manager: Action Summary now presented when sending messages
    • When clients send messages to contractors via the "Send Notification to # Contractors" button in Compliance Manager, they are now presented with details by contractor regarding which messages were successfully sent and which messages were undeliverable.

    February 24, 2016

    "ServiceChannel Experience" section now available for all contractors
    • The "ServiceChannel Experience" section of the Fixxbook Profile is now displayed for all contractors. Previously, access to this section was based upon a contractor's standing in the Select Contractor Program.
    Compliance Manager: "Remove" option available only for deactivated requirements
    • To reduce accidental deletion of contractor requirements, clients will now see the "Remove" option for a requirement only after the requirement has been deactivated.
    Compliance Manager bug fix: notifications can be sent with filters on
    • A bug was fixed where an error message was being produced when users attempted to utilize the "Send Notification to # Contractors" button on Compliance Manager when the Trade or Primary Rank filter was set.
    Contractor Invitations must contain expiration dates
    • When sending an invitation to contractor to join a private network, clients must now include an invitation expiration date. Previously, an "Urgent" option could be checked-off which would allow an invitation to be sent without an expiration date. This action led to many outdated/invalid invitations lingering on client views.
    Region selection correctly indicates counties on FL map
    • A bug was fixed on the add/edit Region page of the Fixxbook Profile where the counties selected via checkbox were not matching the counties highlighted on the map of Florida.
    Contractors can indicate that they do not hold Licenses
    • On the "Licenses" section of the Fixxbook Profile contractors can now check a box to indicate that they do not hold any licenses. After checking this box the "Licenses" section of the profile will be shown as completed.

    February 17, 2016

    Compliance Manager Message Template customization options expanded
    • The "Send Notification" button on the Summary tab of Compliance Manager now offers clients additional formatting options when sending emails to contractors. Clients can now easily edit text by using buttons to bold and highlight words and background, as well as insert hyperlinks and images.
    Search options expanded for contractor Invitations
    • The "Expiration Date" filter for both Active and Inactive contractor invitation searches has been updated to allow clients to search by a date range instead of just a single date.
    • The "Invitation Date" filter for both Active and Inactive contractor invitation searches has been updated to include the "To" and "From" dates in the search results (as opposed to only producing results for dates between the "To" and "From" dates).
    % sign removed from "Profile Score" filter
    • When clients use the "Profile Score" filter when searching for either a contractor or invitation, the "%" sign is no longer displayed next to the numbers on the slide bar. This change was made because the score is not a true percentage.
    "Payment Type" field removed from Remittance Location
    • When adding or editing a Remittance Location for a particular client, contractors will no longer see the "Payment Type" field. This change was made because the types of payments a contractor accepts from a client were not driven by this field.
    Compliance Manager language translations expanded
    • Certain words within Compliance Manager that were not translating into Italian are now properly translating.
    Contractor registrations from France now accepted
    • Contractors identifying their country location as France will no longer receive an error message when attempting to register for Fixxbook.
    FIxxbook Profile "Licenses" section completion indicator updated
    • A green check-mark was not always showing next to the "Licenses" menu item once a user indicated that the section had been completed. This has been corrected.
    Bug fixes for "Manage Payment Method" 
    • When using the Safari web browser, contractors now only have to click one time in order to access the "add" or "edit" templates for credit card data. 
    • When editing a credit card, the "Country" field will display the name of the country previously selected.

    January 27, 2016

    "Last updated on" information now captured for each Payment Method
    • Under the "Manage Payment Method" section of the "My Accounts" tab, contractors will now see a date and name listed under each Payment Method to indicate when and by whom changes were made.

     "All Others" option removed from Trade filter on Compliance Manager

    • For increased clarity, clients will no longer see the non-applicable "All Others" option at the bottom of the "Trade" filter drop-down list on the Compliance Summary tab.
    Invoice Details "Grand Total" bug resolved
    • A discrepancy was resolved where the number of invoices displayed to some contractors on the Processed Usages section of the Invoice Details pop-up was not always corresponding to the number of rows displayed in the associated XL download.
    Fixxbook Profile completion bug resolved
    • Contractors are again able to successfully check "After this section is completed, please check here" for the following sections of their Fixxbook profiles: Contacts, W-9, References, After Hours.

    January 5, 2016

    "Supervisor Hourly Charges" fields added to Rate Type template

    • When contractors add or edit Rate Types they will now see fields to supply Travel, Regular, Overtime, and Double-time rates for Supervisors.  

    December 22, 2015 

    Compliance Manager Summary 

    • Bug fixed: After selecting all contractors, users are now able to de-select contractors individually.

    Client Notes on Contractors

    • When clients add internal notes to a contractor when the contractor is in the "Active Invitation" status, those notes now always remain visible when the contractor moves to the "Active Contractor" status. (Previously, this was not occurring if the note was entered by an Aggregator but the invitation was accepted by a Managed Network.)

    December 13, 2015 

    Language Glossary updated

    • The Fixxbook language glossary has been updated with human translations. Toggling any one of the 8 languages on the bottom left of any screen will now display human translated phrases that are much more accurate than the machine translated ones.

    Performance Enhancement

    • We recently improved performance across all of ServiceChannel and Fixxbook by launching a newer, faster database server. The average user will experience a 20-30% increase in speed even as we continue grow and add more users.

    December 10, 2015 

    Updates to "Manage Payment Method"

    • Under "My Account", the "Manage Payment Method" section now allows contractors to list multiple Saved Payment Methods in addition to the Primary Payment Method.
    • Contractors can delete any method in the Saved Payment Method on their own without needing to submit a request ticket. For instructions, click here.
    • The "Add Service Automation Payment Method" button now says "Add Payment Method".
    • When adding a new payment method, the pop-up now lists "Bank Transfer" instead of "Automated Clearing House".

    Specialty Request Removed

    • When editing the "Business Basics" section of the Fixxbook profile users will no longer see "Are we missing your speciality? Click here to tell us." 

    Processed Usages repot

    • The column name "Service Automation Charge" was updated to "CSA Fee".
    • Alignment of the column was changed from left to right.

    "Mechanic" label changed to "Technician"

    • "Mechanic Hourly Charges" was updated to "Technician Hourly Charges" in the Create Rate popup, Edit Rate popup, View Rate popup and Client Rates Report.

    November 23, 2015

    "Service Automation Fee History" now "Invoice Details"

    • Under "My Account", the "Service Automation Fee History" menu option is now "Invoice Details". Learn about additional updates to this section's format here.

    Service Automation Standing display 

    • The "Service Automation Standing" filter option and display have been removed from the client view of the contractor network, since that standing reflects the relationship directly between the contractor/supplier and ServiceChannel.

    Authorize.Net added to footer

    • The Authorize.Net seal now appears at the bottom of every page in Fixxbook. This seal confirms that Fixxbook is a verified Authorize.Net merchant and that Contractor and Supplier information is secure.

    November 16, 2015

    Search Statistics page

    • All contractors except those whose accounts are in the state of “Restricted” now have full access to Search Statistics.
    • Updated message shown to contractors in “Restricted” status and direct link provided to “Manage Payment Method” page.
    • Reference to  “Blue” Service Automation level was removed.

    Fixxbook SSO Login

    • Updated User Interface for Fixxbook login page that is accessed via the More > Compliance (Private Network) menu at ServiceChannel.com.

    November 12, 2015

    My Account page

    • Hyperlink to CSA articles in ServiceChannel University added to “Terms & Conditions” and “Manage Payment Method” pages.
    • “ACH” changed to “Bank Transfer” (with description added) and credit card logo images added to Select Payment Method pop-up screen.

    November 5, 2015


    • Authorize.Net seal added to “Manage Payment Method” page. This seal confirms that Fixxbook is a verified Authorize.Net merchant and that Contractor and Supplier information is secure.

    October 31, 2015

    Service Automation Fee History

    • “Grand Total” report link added to Service Automation Fee History - Processed Usages XL report so that details for all clients can be seen on a single download
    • “Service Automation Charge” column added to Service Automation Fee History - Processed Usages XL report.

    Terms & Conditions

    • Terms & Conditions wording updated to reflect the business rules for Contractor & Supplier Automation.
    • Date/Time/Name stamp added to Terms & Conditions agreement page.

    October 14, 2015


    • “Upgrade to Blue+” link removed from Company Settings page for Contractors and Suppliers.

    Registration Completion fix

    • The Profile Overview and the Client Requirements completion percentages have been adjusted to display correctly for Contractors and Suppliers who are deleted and then reactivated.

    October 7, 2015

    My Account page

    • My Account page created as default landing page for Contractors and Suppliers.
    • “Terms & Conditions” menu item added to My Account page. Contractors and Suppliers must agree to Terms & Conditions before entering a payment method.
    • “SCP Billing History” menu item renamed “Service Automation Fee History” and moved from Company Settings page to new My Account page.
    • “Manage SCP Payment Method” menu item renamed “Manage Payment Method” and moved from Company Settings page to new My Account page.


    • When a hyperlink is utilized outside of Fixxbook, users (after logging in) are now directed to the exact page in Fixxbook that the hyperlink references, as opposed to being directed to their main landing page.