Now, when rejecting a proposal, not only will you will have the ability to select a reason code and specify a reason description, minimizing the inefficient back and forth but providers will now have the ability to “copy and create” a proposal so they can make any necessary adjustments as required. They will no longer need to start from scratch and can respond faster to you with an updated proposal that meets your requirements with just a few clicks.

    With this update, you should start seeing a process improvement with proposals and time savings - which means more work getting done faster.

    When rejecting an invoice, you will be required to add a comment as to why. If you attempt to submit a rejection without comment, an error message will appear.

    We have modified the escalation process for invoice approval so that multiple users at the same level & location will receive an email notification. The escalation will also be logged as a note and will include all recipients of the alert.

    Previously, if there were multiple users at a given level the system would send out a "setup mismatch" email.

    Certain text boxes within SC Mobile for iOS devices will now suggest corrections to spelling mistakes. This will not apply for UserID & Password entry.

    Applicable sections:

    • WOs (Create/Edit)
    • Proposals
    • Audits

    Customers using Site Audit will soon benefit from enhanced reporting functionality and an improved user interface.

    Site Audit Reporting will deliver greater user experience in retrieving site audits’ data and monitoring assets conditions across time, locations and types of site audits. The tool displays audit scores, photos, comments and information on the work orders created during the audit, providing visibility in monitoring location condition trends, as well as a modern look and feel.

    Available features within a Site Audit Report includes:

    • Filtering site audits by time, location and type
    • List of filtered site audits is instantly visible, with date, location information, type of audit and overall score of the location
    • List of filtered site audits sortable by date/type of audit
    • Downloadable Excel file with site audits’ data
    • Detailed view of an individual site audit
    • Detailed view with all the comments, quantities, photos taken by an auditor
    • Individual audits are easily printable as PDF

    We have added 2 additional columns to the Excel Invoice Reports for both Clients and Service Providers:

    • ApprovedByUserName
    • ApprovedByUserID

    The IVR system now supports 16 languages, including the following 2 new languages:

    • Czech
    • Hebrew

    The ALP (Actionable Landing Page) now supports filtering by Location Notes. Each ALP Administrator can select one Location Note Header to be used as a filter on the ALP. 

    Users of the Actionable Landing Page can now filter by the Districts in which locations appear.

    There will soon be a new dashboard in Analytics - Asset Analytics. This dashboard will allow you to analyze spend against assets as well as the condition/state of your assets. For example - You will be able to see which are the top 10 tag IDs by WO volume, assets whose warranties are expiring or spend of each asset against the original value.

    The invoices section in Invoice Manager and reporting filters are being updated to enhance the user experience. This is going to be a soft launch, which will allow you to become familiar with the new interface and functionality. You will be able to toggle between the current and new versions for approximately one month. Learn how to use the new invoices here.

    As of October 4, the status presented in the “Certificates of Insurance” column of Compliance Manager is based upon the expiration dates listed in the Service Provider’s client-specific “Insurance Documents” section of their Fixxbook profile (as opposed to the dates listed in the “Insurance” section of their general profile).

    There is now checkbox within the Invoice Configuration screen called "Require Resolution Text". When checked, it will make the "Description" box on the Create Invoice screen require input before the "Send Invoice" button can be used. Learn more about this feature here.

    Another way to stay up to date with communication from ServiceChannel. Product announcements will be available directly on the Actionable Landing Page and the Contractor Console under a new “Messages” icon. High-priority messages will also be displayed in a pop-up immediately upon login.

    Subscriber View

    Contractor View

    When running reports, “All” will be the default selection for ‘Category’ and ‘Priority’ sections within RFPs/Proposals, Invoices and WO Reports. This will select all options within ‘Category’ and ‘Priorities’, in turn making it easier to deselect and narrow search parameters.

    If nothing is selected in the Category & Priority section, running the report will return a "Please choose category!" or "Please choose priority!" message.

    PLEASE NOTE: Due to this new feature, you will have to update and resave any of your Saved and/or Quickview Reports that previously had All Categories and All Priorities selected. If you look at them right now there are no categories or priorities selected.

    When exporting the dashboard report into excel, interactive troubleshooting headers/columns will move to the end of the report. Moving the interactive troubleshooting will give the user better visibility to reading the exported report.

    SubscriberID will now be listed at the bottom of every page next to "ServiceChannel. All rights reserved."

    Soon the company of the note creator will be listed for each note within the "Notes" section of WOs.

    To investigate work order issues quicker and to provide more transparency, work order 'source' will soon be viewable online. Previously, the only way to view a work order's source of creation is to extract an excel report.

    You will be able to have specific WOs (by trade) automatically re-assigned to the next-ranked provider when a WO is rejected. We have recently made several redesign decisions with regard to this feature.

    Learn more here.

    To standardize our trade & category data for analytics and benchmarking, admins will need to map any new Trades/Categories to the standard set of Trades/Categories.

    This will happen on both Trade & Category Admin pages. There will be a new, required column, on each page:

    • Primary Trade
    • Primary Category

    *All current Trades/Categories will be automatically mapped. 

    The GPS Check-In application tracks check-ins and check-outs separately, allowing two or more technicians to be checked in to a location at the same time and log their respective hours separately. To login individually, technicians use unique PINs associated with their UserID. Previously, the app and IVR only allowed one check-in per company at a time.

    Enhancements to the search options on the Actionable Landing Page are slated for release near the end of this week. Subscribers will enjoy the increased efficiency of being able to search directly on the homepage by:

      1. Tag ID - enter a single Tag ID to see a list of work orders associated with that exact Tag ID
      2. Proposal # - enter a single (full or partial) Proposal # to see a list of all matching proposals
      3. Invoice # - enter a single (full or partial) Invoice # to see a list of all matching invoices

    Since users will be able to search for more than just work orders, the section header will also change from "Find Work Orders" to "Search".

    Learn more about the ALP (Actionable Landing Page) here.


    As part of our ongoing efforts to improve the ServiceChannel software platform, we have updated the look and feel of the Quick View module.

    What is Changing?
    Quick View now has a cleaner look and feel (illustrated below). Note: This is only a ‘reskin;' the functionality remains the same.

    Why is it Changing?
    Based on customer feedback, we are constantly updating our application to enhance the user experience.

    Who Does it Affect?
    This change affects only subscribers.

    Should you have any questions concerning this update, please contact 


    We are excited to introduce the Proposal Review for our ServiceChannel Mobile platform. Busy Facilities Managers can now manage proposals on the go. With the mobile app, now you can:

    • Approve proposals
    • Reject proposals
    • Put proposals on-hold
    • Assign proposals
    • Drill down for granular details behind the proposal you are reviewing

    To remain up to date with Internet technology and Microsoft product support plans, ServiceChannel will end support for all versions of Internet Explorer below 9.0 starting on 07/01/2016.

    Please click here for more info.

    Distribute and route your invoices for more efficient approval workflow with our new MLI feature. Now available in the UI for real-time changes and simple troubleshooting.


    On April 11th, 2016 ServiceChannel retired the US-based toll-free IVR telephone number. You are still able to use our IVR system by calling our new direct number: (516) 500-7776.  Please see our recommended best practices for our new IVR number below.    

    Best practices/suggestions for ensuring you are calling the correct number

    • Communicate the NEW IVR Number (516) 500-7776 to your Operations & Service Staff
    • Delete the retired phone number from your contacts
    • Save the new phone number as a contact in your phone
    • Make the name of the contact “ServiceChannel IVR”
    • If you have technicians please follow up with them to make sure they are updating their contacts
    • Send your techs an email or a text message with ServiceChannel’s new number
    • If you have subcontractors please make sure to pass this information to them

    Now you can toggle German, Portuguese, and traditional Chinese on all ServiceAutomation and Fixxbook pages in addition to the many languages we already support.

    Email Notifications in Other Languages

    You can now turn on translations for WO Dispatch, WO Reassignment, and WO Notes in the following languages:

    • French
    • Canadian French
    • Italian
    • Dutch
    • Mandarin
    • Japanese
    • Brazilian Portuguese
    • Spanish

    You can enable these on a provider-by-provider basis. Please speak to your Account Executive if you are interested.

    Now you can require that your contractors provide more detailed costs for labor, and/or material charges when creating an invoice. Facility operators can track expenses and manage budgets more efficiently and service providers will not waste time itemizing invoices that  facility operators may not need to be itemized. To set which trade(s) will require line item invoicing, go to Admin > Invoices > General / Require Line Items section. 

    To learn more click here.

    Actionable Landing Page

    This Spring, ServiceChannel is releasing the Service Automation Actionable Landing Page, which summarizes for you those items that require your attention. This page will soon replace the Track WO/PO page.

    Click the image above to see the new Actionable Landing Page in action.
    Video maximizes to full screen.

    Under Work Orders, you will see how many were dispatched but not confirmed, declined by the service provider but not yet reassigned, and how many the assigned provider is late to arrive to the location.

    Under Proposals, you will see how many are waiting for a quote or pending approval.

    It further breaks out the data by emergency and non-emergency work orders, so you may be more proactive and take action quickly.

    Learn how to use the Actionable Landing Page here.