Accessing the Service Automation Dashboard

    The ServiceChannel Service Automation Dashboard is accessible through any Internet browser. Depending on your configuration, you may login using either a username/password combination, or through single sign on service.

    Note: Depending on your permissions, your ServiceChannel administrator may supply you a username and password. If you use your company’s intranet to sign in to Service Automation, please contact your internal IT department.

    How To Log In to the Dashboard Using Username/Password:

    1. Open an Internet browser and enter your Client URL (for example: The login page appears.

      Login Screen
    2. Enter your User ID and Password.
    3. Click Login.

    What appears next will depend on your system permissions:

    1. Users with access to only one Location: The Dashboard immediately displays.
      • Usually, those who only work in one store (for example, general managers or store workers) would have access to one Location.
    2. Users with access to multiple Locations: You must first choose a Location to see the correct Dashboard.
      • Typically, those who manage several stores (for example, district or regional managers) would have access to multiple Locations.
    3. Users with access to multiple Dashboards: You must first choose an Entity, and then either a Location or go straight to the Dashboard. This is also called Universal Access.
      • Typically, those who manage either multiple divisions of a single brand, or multiple brands would have Universal Access.

    How to Log Out of the Dashboard:

    1. Log out of Service Automation using one of these two methods:
      1. In the top-right corner, click Logout; or
      2. Close the browser window.