Using the PM Template to Manage PM Work Orders

    Work orders can be loaded in bulk in the PM Templates section of the Preventive Maintenance module. You can load PM Services or one-time special projects by using the PM Template. Once the template successfully loads, the work orders will be immediately available in ServiceChannel and also available to your contractor. However, when you load a template, the dispatch email will not be sent immediately. It will be received the morning following the day you upload the template (the dispatch emails will be run the night you upload the template). 

    Should you need assistance with completing this template, please reach out to your ServiceChannel Account Executive.

    How to Access and Download the PM Template

    1. Navigate to more > PMs
    2. In the grey sub-navigation bar, click PM Templates. The PM Template page will display.
      PM Templates Page in Service Automation
    3. In the Instructions area (Step 1), click the appropriate link (either Excel or tab-delimited) to download the PM template.

    How to Complete and Upload the PM Template

    Snapshot of PM Template

    You may download the PM template in either Excel or Tab Delimited (or CSV) format.

    1. Complete each column for each work order you wish to upload. Yellow highlighted columns represent required data. (See Column Descriptions in the PM Template for column explanations.)
    2. Save the template as a tab delimited text file.
      IMPORTANT: Once you have entered all work orders, you must save the file as a tab delimited TEXT file, as depicted below. Excel and CSV files will not upload.
      PM Template: Save As TXT File in Excel
    3. On the PM Template page in Service Automation, click Upload Template and browse to the saved text file on your hard drive.

    Once uploaded, the system will validate your template:

      • If validation passes: The template will load onto the PM Template page. The number of records processed will display at the bottom of the page in the PM Templates section.
      • If validation fails: The template will not load. The system will describe which error(s) exist. You can then fix the errors and upload the template again.