About Providers

    The Providers section of the Service Automation Admin module allows you to review information about providers (contractors) that are used by your organization. The contractors listed here can be issued work orders. There are two types of contractors listed here:

    • External (Fixxbook): These contractors are approved and accepted in Fixxbook. They are listed on the Providers page and are read-only. These accounts are maintained by the contractors themselves in Fixxbook.
    • Internal:  Using internal providers is a way to route a work order internally and manage the work order.  An internal provider might be a landlord or general contractor or internal technicians and they can be issued a work order.  These internal departments or technicians are not in Fixxbook and you have the option to add or edit them.

    How to Search for Providers / Contractors

    The Providers page is located at more > Admin > Providers. You can filter or search a long list of contractors by using the Filter By options at the top of the page to sort the list. You can also enter a contractor name or partial name in the search box.  You can limit the list to internal providers by clicking the Internal Only radio button. The navigation bar at the bottom of the page allows you to scroll through pages of contractors/internal providers.Providers List

    How To View Provider / Contractor Information

    You can view detailed information for a contractor by clicking the edit pencil icon in the Action column for your selected contractor. The information displayed for External Providers is read-only and can only be edited by the contractors themselves in Fixxbook.  Here you can view basic information for the contractor on the General Info tab.

     General Info Tab

    Click the Communication Info tab to view contact information for alerts and Service Requests.

    Communication Info Tab