About Fixxbook for Contractors

    Fixxbook is a commercial contractor directory where leading facilities brands can find your business. It is dedicated to helping commercial contractors and service buyers find each other faster.

    Fixxbook Features

    Fixxbook is a user-friendly, web-based solution that helps you: 

    • Get New Business: Whether it’s a facilities manager looking for national, regional or local contractors, or service management companies looking for subs, they will find you faster on Fixxbook.
    • Increase Visibility: You will become visible to those searching for contractors who match your trade expertise and geographic service area.
    • Save Time: Stop duplicating efforts providing the same info to multiple prospects; now you can easily share it with whomever you want.
    • Access Contractor Tools: You’ll also get tools to help you provide better customer service, get more business, automate your processes and lower your cost of doing business.
    • Promote Your Diversity: If you are a diverse contractor/supplier, you can make sure facilities managers find you by indicating your business’ diversity status on your profile.

    How Fixxbook Works

    By setting up a Fixxbook account your company is included in Fixxbook client searches for companies in your line of work. You manage what information is viewable in the searches and can update your profile as often as you like.

    When a client finds your profile to be a match for their business needs they will invite you into their Private Network and ask for more information, which will be viewable only to them. Through Fixxbook, you will manage pertinent documents and information between you and your client(s). Each client may have different requirements for doing business, but you can use Fixxbook to manage them and to know all action items required across your clients.

    Once you have completed client requirements they will review them and accept you into their Private Network. Once you are an accepted contractor, clients will send you work through ServiceChannel Service Automation.