Exporting Location Note Headers

    You can export each Location Note Header and their field values using the Export option available in Admin. When exporting location notes from this page, information for both open and closed locations will be included.


    Exporting location notes is useful to help you find any information that might be missing from related locations. For example, you can review the exported data to identify any missing names and contact information. In the screenshot below, missing names and email addresses are easily identified after exporting the location notes. 

    LNH Excel File

    Note: The Microsoft Excel spreadsheet downloaded using the Export button in Location Note Header Admin is the same spreadsheet downloaded by using the Download button found in more > Locations > Location Notes.Delete location note headers from the template 

    Delete Location Note Headers from the template

    You can also delete the data in the Location Note Header template and upload it to the system to keep the information up to date.

    How to delete Location Note Headers

    1. In the exported Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, find the column you need to delete
    2. Replace the column value with word “Delete”You can then update the exported Microsoft Excel spreadsheet with any missing information, then reimport it from within Locations.3.jpg  

    Note: The word “Delete” has to be placed in the column that you desire to delete in order for it to be reflected in Service Automation instead of merely delete the information and leave it as blank. 

    3. Save the file as .txt file

    4In Service Automation, from the top left hamburger menu, click “Locations & Provider Assignments.” The Locations page displays.

    5. Scroll down to the “Upload & Download” section, and then click the “Location Notes” tab.4.jpg6. Click “Upload Template” and reimport the newly updated Location Note Header template, the deleted Location Note Headers will disappear in the Location module under corresponding locations.