About Location Note Headers

    Admin users have the ability to add and update Location Note Headers. Location Note Headers are configurable fields that you can tailor to the requirements of your company. Examples of Location Note Headers include:

    • Square Footage
    • Brand Name
    • District / Regional Manager contact information
    • Landlord contact information
    • Lease Expiration Date

    These fields appear on the various search pages within the system. They also appear on Work Orders/Service Requests dashboards under Location Notes, if they are not marked as private.


    Location Note Headers Options

    There are two options that can be configured for Location Note Headers:




    If a Location Note Header is marked as Private, the data in those fields are viewable only by corporate users (unless locations are enabled to see private notes in Edit Dashboard Settings). These fields will not be shown on work orders, therefore service providers will not see them.


    When a Location Note Header is marked as “protected,” it can be seen by location users, but it remains uneditable for anyone except Note Admin. This allows you to restrict multiple location users from changing location headers while still viewing the information.

    Note: Note admin can be assigned by ServiceChannel staff only, who can set any Location Note Header to "Protected" in the Admin module.

    Search Type

    You can specify whether a location note field is searchable or not. If you choose to make a field searchable, it will appear on primary search pages for report filtering. You will also be able to assign access to users by the field data. Location Note Headers can be set to a search type of Exact or Contains depending on your requirements.


    Let’s look at an example. The Work Order Report search page shown below reflects the Location Note Headers configured above. The Facility Manager, Region Manager and District Manager fields are not marked as Private and have been configured with a Search Type of Contains. In the screenshot of the search page below, the three fields are displayed and it is indicated that they can be searched using the Contains search type.

    The headers Alerts, Square Footage, Proposal Alert Email and Decline Alert Email are not shown in the Work Order Report search page below because their search type is set to None and therefore are not searchable fields.


    The screenshot below shows the Location Note Headers and field data in the Service Automation Dashboard. The fields Alerts, Proposal Alert Email and Decline Alert Email were marked Private in Admin and as a result, they do not appear here in the Dashboard.


    Also note that the Location Note Headers appear in the order that they are shown on the Location Note Headers page in Admin. If you would like for them to appear in a different order on the search page or within the dashboard you can change the order.