Add CSA Payment Method

    CSA requires a valid payment method and acceptance of the current Terms & Conditions. Below are the steps to add your payment method.


    • Enter the name exactly as it appears on the card. Pay close attention to middle names/initials and the company name.
    • Enter the address exactly as it appears on the monthly statement. Pay close attention to abbreviations such as "St." vs. "Street", "Ave." vs. "Avenue" and "Blvd." vs. "Boulevard".


    1. Login to


    2. On the top navigation bar, click My Account.


    3. Click Manage Payment Method.


    4. Click Add Payment Method.


    5. Select Bank Transfer to pay by Electronic Funds Transfer (eCheck Direct Debit) from a bank account. Select Credit Card to pay by accepted credit/debit card.


    6. Fill out all required fields.

    7. Check the Terms & Conditions box to accept the policy. (Note: if you have already accepted this through the Terms & Conditions link, this box will already be checked.)

    8. Click Authorize Payment to save your information.


    9. You will receive a confirmation message. Click OK.

    Your payment information will appear in the Manage Payment Method section.

    Once you have added an acceptable payment method and have accepted the Terms & Conditions, your account will move to the Active status. You will be automatically billed for invoices monthly with a maximum of $2.00 per approved invoice.

    You may use the "Add Payment Method" button to add as many payment methods as you wish. Only the Primary Payment Method will be charged.

    You may return to the Manage Payment Method section to edit your payment information at any time.