CSA Fee Structure

    What is the new fee schedule?

    • There is a charge of one percent (1%) per approved invoice.
    • The maximum amount charged per approved invoice is two dollars ($2.00).
    • The fee is assessed on the invoice subtotal, prior to sales tax.

    Will all invoices be calculated with the new fee?

    • Fees will apply only to approved invoices.
    • Fees will apply to all approved invoices, regardless of number of invoices or invoice dollar amount.
    • Fees will apply to all invoice types including:
      • service requests
      • preventive maintenance
      • supply orders
      • bulk invoices (fee applies separately to each work order listed)
      • auto invoices (fee applies to invoices that are automatically generated and processed with no manual intervention)

    Who will be charged the new fee and when will I be charged?

    • Fees will be paid by all contractors and suppliers for all ServiceChannel customers
    • Fees will begin to accumulate effective September 1, 2018, and you’ll see reflected in your subsequent monthly bill.

    What are some examples of the CSA fees I may see?

    The below table reflects charges you may see through the CSA fee schedule:

    If an approved invoice is:
    Original CSA fee was: New CSA fee is:
    $67 $0.67 $0.67
    $100 $1.00 $1.00
    $135 $1.00 $1.35
    $200 and greater $1.00 $2.00
    $2,210 $1.00 $2.00

     Fees round to the nearest cent. For example:

    • An invoice of $20.49 will round down to $0.20.
    • An invoice of $20.50 will round up to $0.21.

    Why might I see taxes on my CSA invoice?

    ServiceChannel is designated as a "Software as a Service" (SaaS) company, and in many states where we have tax nexus, we are required to collect sales taxes based on your monthly Contractor & Supplier Automation fees. The taxes will be assessed according to the state in which your company is headquartered as detailed in your Fixxbook profile. The tax is calculated by Avalara based on the total of your CSA monthly billing for the usage of the ServiceChannel platform and is not related to any goods and/or services sold to your client through our platform. For specific information related to the tax in your state, please contact your individual state's Department of Taxation and Revenue.

    How do I review the fees I am charged?

    In Fixxbook, you will see a history of your CSA fees, as well as pending CSA fees not yet billed to your account for the current billing cycle.