How to View Fee/Invoice History

    You may view the details of your past ServiceChannel fees in Fixxbook by following the steps below to access Invoice History:

    1. Login to


    2. On the top navigation bar, click My Account.


    3. Click Invoice Details.


    4. Scroll down to see an overview in the Invoice History section.


    5. You may view additional details for each invoice by clicking the "Details" link on the far right.


    6. In the "Processed Usages" section of the pop-up, click on the Grand Total count (or click the count next to a client to view only the usages for that client).

    7. An Excel file will generate with Subscriber (aka client name), Invoice Number, Trade, Tracking Number, Approve Date, Amount, Status, and Service Automation Charge.

    You must have an Excel program on your computer to view this detailed report.