Contractor & Supplier Automation (CSA) Introduction

    Effective September 1, 2018, ServiceChannel has updated the pricing in our Contractor & Supplier Automation (CSA) agreement.

    Below is a summary of the update:

    • Contractor & Supplier Automation offers contractors and suppliers the same great solutions and tools you have come to expect from ServiceChannel.
    • With this new fee structure, you will not pay more than $2.00 on any invoice. Smaller invoices continue to be charged significantly less. Invoices <$100 will see no change. (Click here for an example.)
    • This fee structure will apply to all contractors and suppliers across all approved invoices.

    ServiceChannel has increased the level of investment in products and services designed to support the contractor/supplier side of the market. The CSA transaction fee allows us to continue investing in mobile applications, system and tool integrations, scorecards, provide live support to providers, and further develop our marketplace to add new demand opportunities for service providers on our platform.

    We thank you for your continued partnership and look forward to an innovative future.