How to Change Schedule Date of Work Order?

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    To update the schedule date of a work order,  go to and Log in to your ServiceChannel account.

    Select Track WO/PO from the main menu.

    If you have a tracking, work order or purchase order number, you can enter it in the respective field.

    And Click Find.


    Entering Notes and Updating the ETA

    The Notes section allows both the client and the contractor to edit the work order, including the scheduled date and time.

    It serves as a log and is a SHARED view, meaning all parties with access to the date can see all the information in the Notes


    To enter a Note, Click the Notes link in the second column.

    Click the Add Note/Update Sched. Date button.

    Enter a note in the Note box, if applicable.

    Update the Schedule Date and Time that the contractor is to be on site, this is the ETA.

    Choose the most appropriate Reschedule Reason from the drop down box, if applicable.


    If the user would like a copy of the note emailed to them self, check the "Send copy to myself" box.

    When you click Submit, you will see the screen with the new note added to it and the schedule date updated.


    Close this window to return to the work order report.