How to Submit Invoices via Web?

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    Web Invoicing Instructions

    A work order is ready to be invoiced after the technician has used the IVR System to check in and out.

    After checking out, some clients require the store manager to leave feedback within five days before the work order can be invoiced. These work orders will show the status Completed/Pending Confirmation.

    If unsatisfactory feedback is left, the issue must be addressed before the invoice can be submitted. If the feedback is excellent or satisfactory, or the five days has passed, the invoice may be submitted.


    To manually create an invoice on ServiceChannel, log on to

    Look up the work order by using the Track WO/PO option from the main menu

    Once you find the right work order, click Create Invoice.


    Please note:  the work order’s status must be Completed or Completed/ Confirmed to see the Create Invoice option


    When the Create Invoice screen appears, enter your invoice information which includes your invoice number, the completed job description, and your invoice amount breakdown.

    The invoice date will automatically populate for you, however this date can be changed by clicking into the text box and typing in a new invoice date.

    The invoice total will automatically calculate based on the data entered.


    You can also attach your work ticket or invoice form by clicking on the Attach Your Document option.


    Click Submit once the invoice information is filled out and correct.


    Once you submit your invoice, it will be an open invoice in the system. Open invoices will contain the VOID button. This can be used by the contractor if an invoice needs to be resubmitted.

    Once the invoice status is no longer in Open, the void option will disappear. 


    Effective 6/2015 Optional Line Item Invoice: