How to Submit Invoices via Invoice Template

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    Line Item Template:

    Line Item Invoice Template


    Invoice Template Instructions

    The invoice template was designed for easy use and entry of either one or multiple invoices. You can complete the required information in Ms Excel and submit one or multiple invoices at the same time on one step. Only one file can be attached to each email.

    The Template Version #User ID and PIN columns are required and will ALWAYS be the same; once you enter the data, it can be copied and pasted in other rows. This information MUST be copied down every row that contains invoice information; there should be one row in the template for each invoice with no blank rows in between.

    Enter Invoice #. Each contractor can only use an invoice number once.

    Enter Invoice Date in the format of MM/DD/YYYY

    Enter Tracking Number. This is a required field. The tracking number is an eight digit number assigned by ServiceChannel.

    Enter Labor Total, trip charge, material, freight, other charge description & other charge amount, invoice tax, and invoice total.

    Please note: the invoice total should be the sum of all of the amounts from the other columns within a row.

    Fill in Invoice Text; this is a detailed description of the work completed.

    Be sure to save your file as Compatible 97-2003 XLS format.

    Once you are completed with the invoice template, email the file to

    You will receive an email confirmation from ServiceChannel. Each row in the confirmation file will contain results of OK with a record ID if the invoice posted successfully. If the invoice did not post, an error will explain what needs to be corrected. Only corrections should be re-submitted. 

    Attached is a copy of the possible error codes that you may receive with your results as well as the Invoice Template in Ms Excel.