Accepting a Service Request via Notes

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    Accepting a Service Request by Adding a Note

    To accept a service request by adding a note, go to and click LOG IN

    Once you log in, Click Track WO/PO


    The next page will provide two options to find work orders


    Enter in the work order number in the second section, beginning with Search By, then click Find

    This will bring up the work order you are looking for.


    Click on the notes section located in the second column

    Once you click on notes, select Add Note/ Updated Schedule Date

    To accept the work order, type accept in the Note Box

    If you want to address your note to the client, select their name from the Addressee Box


    Type in their email in the Email Field


    Click on the Select New Status drop down, and select In Progress/ Dispatched Confirmed

    And click Submit at the bottom


    Please note: This option may not be available for all users


    Once you submit the note, our message will be recorded in the work orders history.

    Click the close button and this will bring you back to the work order details

    Refresh the page and you will see the status changed from Open (in Red) to In Progress/Dispatched Confirmed (in yellow)

    Accepting A Service Request Video 

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Contractor Support department at or 800-803-5822.