How to Run an Completed (Waiting to Invoice) Work Order Report

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    How to Run an Completed (Waiting to Invoice) Work Order Report

    To run a Completed (Waiting for Invoice) Call Report manually, please follow the below instructions:


    1. Please log into your ServiceChannel account at:

    2. Click on WO Reports on the Navigation Bar

    3. Click on the report option: Completed Only

    4. Open the Date Range section of the left side and modify your date range of interest for your report

    5. In EXT STATUS box select No EXT STATUS and hold the Ctrl key and select Confirmed 

    6. Check off the box to Exclude Invoiced Calls; Under the Sort By section

    7. You can select the Report Type as MS Excel so that the data is downloaded into a spreadsheet for you to manage

    8. Proceed to select your subscriber and click Retrieve Report.


    This will pull results of all work orders that are ready to be invoiced while excluding those that have already been invoiced. 

    Below is a short tutorial that demonstrates how to run this type of report.

    Note: The last slide has the incorrect email address. Please use should you need assistance.



    If further assistance is needed, please reach out to or you can go to the Submit a Request tab to enter a request for the help desk.