Single Sign-On for SC Mobile App

    Users who connect to ServiceChannel via their company intranet can now log into the SC Mobile app via a mobile access code system.  The updated apps can be found the Google Play Store here and the Apple iOS Store here.


    Activating Mobile Access Codes:

    • You must be a Super Admin to activate this feature.
    • To turn it on navigate to “More” -> “Admin” -> “Permissions -> “Mobile”.
    • Choosing “All Users” will allow everyone with access to ServiceClick to generate a key.
    • Choosing “All Users excluding Dashboard only Users” will only allow corporate users to generate a key.





    If you have been permissioned to generate your own access code, you will see a “Mobile Access Code” option under your user name




    After Clicking “Mobile Access Code” , you will see the following window. To generate an access code, click "Generate Access Code".




     To activate your mobile app, copy the code and input it into you mobile device (see next screenshot). 




    SC Mobile App iOS is on the left, Android is on the right

    To input your access code click the "ACCESS CODE" tab on the home page.


    Add the access code in the “access code” box and press “LOGIN"



    Deactivate your own mobile devices

    Navigate back to the desktop site. Click your username in the upper right hand corner and then “Mobile Access Code”(as before). Then click “Remove All Mobile Access”. This will turn off all the mobile apps for the logged in user.




    Admin Deactivation of other devices

    To deactivate other users please navigate here and edit an individual user's permissions here:

    "more" -> "Admin" -> "Permissions" -> "Users" -> "Mobile"