ServiceClick Mobile App - CIWO

    Contractor-Initiated Work Order (CIWO)


    ServiceClick Mobile Removal Requests allows a user to submit and edit work orders with their mobile device right on the go. 

    First login to the application using the PIN provided (if needed click on REMEMBER PIN) then select the desired store location, if it does not show up on the first page, search by Tracking # or Location ID.

    If location is within range, it appears right away. If it not, you have to search for a specific location and after you create a work order for it, it'll be in status validation required.




    After selecting the required store, choose the desired service and if it is not listed then submit your issue for approval. Follow the steps and select the corresponding options for your request. Once you double check that all of the information is accurate you can hit complete to finish the process. The status of the work order will be provided along with the tracking number.