GPS Check-In Mobile App

    About the ServiceChannel GPS App

    GPS App makes it easier for technicians to quickly and effectively check in / out and update various work order fields right from a mobile phone. This allows the technician to spend less time on the phone checking in and spend more time focused on the repair & completion of the work order.  GPS App records a technicians coordinates when they check-in and check-out within a customer defined radius of the work site. This way you can check-in and out without having to utilize the IVR or Location phone.

    Download the GPS App 

    GPS Check-In is available on both Apple iOS and Android devices, and in the following languages:

    Apple iOS Android
    • English
    • French-Canadian
    • Japanese
    • Korean
    • Spanish
    • English
    • French
    • French-Canadian
    • Japanese
    • Korean
    • Spanish
    • German
    • Italian
    • Dutch
    • Portuguese
    • Brazilian-Portuguese
    • Chinese
    • Taiwanese 


    Note: You will see GPS Check-In in one of these languages when your device's general settings are set to that language.

    Apple - Go to iTunes App Store > Search > Type "SC GPS Check-In" > Begin using the app by entering a provided PIN

    Android - Go to Play Store > Search > Type "ServiceClick" or "ServiceChannel GPS" > Hit "Install" > Begin using the app by entering a provided PIN

    Note: Any spaces and additional words may decrease the chance for the app to show up in results.

    How does it work?

    Once the application has been installed on your mobile device please enter your IVR Pin. After logging into the application you can search for a work order by tracking number, work order number, or service ID.


     IMG_7687.PNG           IMG_7688.PNG                         

     IMG_7689.PNG            IMG_7693.PNG      

    The system will then take you to the check-in page for that specific work order. The check-in page shows important information regarding the order: trade name, scheduled date, current status, and description. Here you may check-in and begin your work (date and time are on top for your convenience). You also have the option to add a photo/video of the issue before you begin your work that will show up along with the work order in the ServiceChannel system. After you hit "Check In" a status for the work order will change, as well as the option to "Check Out" and ability to change the status of the order.

     Denied Reasons
    • Some clients have not yet participated in the GPS CHECK-IN application
    • Location is not participating in the mobile check in/out process
    • Outside of the mile range
    • Work order has been invoiced and cannot be changed
    • No changes can be made to this maintenance work order because it is (expired or premature)
    • Work order is in the final status and cannot be changed



    Note: Check-in/Check-out button is missing when action is denied.

    Once you are ready to check-out, tap check out and change the status of the work order with an appropriate option from the provided screen. You also have the option to add a photo/video of the issue after you are done with your work that will show up along with the work order in the ServiceChannel system.

    Note: For best results when uploading photos, only upload 10 photos at a time


    Next you will have the option of adding a resolution of the issue that was fixed.


    The last screen allows you to tap to select how many techs were on the job with you. You can also tap capture signature to get a store manager's sign off on work completed and techs on site (please speak with your client to see if they prefer a digital signature). Tapping send will complete the check-out process.

    Note: For first time users, the App will request to create a profile before you check out; prompted when selecting the Check Out button


    Click OK, and complete the following fields


    Click OK and proceed to Check Out, the app will redirect to the Check Out screen.

    GPS App Video

    Watch the video below to view a demo on the GPS App.