Why do I Need to Use the IVR System?

    The IVR system is used to time and date stamp your work orders in our system. When used properly, the IVR system will change the status of your work order according to your entries when you call in. Using the IVR successfully each time you check in and out of the job site you are servicing keeps your work orders up to date and will provide you the opportunity to invoice your work order in ServiceChannel once the work is complete (and has been reviewed and proven to be satisfactory work for your client).

    Call into the IVR system using the IVR phone number that was given to your company. Each company has an IVR pin # that they will receive during training. This pin # is unique to your company and when using the IVR system, identifies that it is Your Company that is on site and checking in or out. After the recording asks for your IVR pin #, it will then ask for your Work Order number or Service ID. Once this information is entered, the recording will let you know you have successfully checked in or if you are checking out, give you options to choose from to check out of the job site accordingly. If your job is completed, press 1. If the job requires follow up, press 2, etc.

    Please note that the use of the IVR system can only be done during the time frame that your work order is active. For example, if you are assigned a work order on 3/14/12 and it is set to expire on 3/17/12, you will need to check in and out of the IVR system during that time frame to successfully time stamp and update the status of your work orders. If you try to call in to the IVR ste for that work order on 3/18, for example, your NTE dollar amount will go to $0 and the IVR system will tell you that the work order is expired or is invalid. At this time, neither you nor ServiceChannel can make any status updates to the work order so you will need to add a note to have the client make any necessary changes to NTE or status.

    If you have any additional questions on this or feel as though this did not answer your questions, please do not hesitate to reach our help desk at contractorsupport@servicechannel.com, we are happy to assist.