Share Dashboards with Only Specific Users

    You can now share dashboards with specific users, giving you more granular control over who can access each dashboard.  Sharing with specific users also allows you to privately collaborate with other Editors and Administrators to create and populate dashboards.  Previously, you could hide or share dashboards with all users.  If you share a dashboard with a user, all of its reports and metrics become visible to that user via the dashboard.

    NOTE: Hiding and sharing dashboards is not a security feature. Any object can be accessed by any user via the URL. 


    To set this up, click on the Gear icon on the top right corner of the dashboard and select "Sharing & Permissions".



    Select the dropdown for Change Visibility.  By default, all current dashboards are visible to all users.  There is an option for " Specific Users can access".




    You can now select which users within your project can access certain dashboards.