Saved Views

    Saved Views enables users to save multiple dashboard filters as a filter group called a Saved View.  Saved Views will allow users to quickly switch between filter combinations that are frequently used.

    When this feature is enabled, the new Views menu on the top right of the dashboard displays the current view. Use this menu to:

    • Change views
    • Manage existing views
    • Save the current filter combination as a Saved View


    • Views cannot be shared between dashboards.
    • Views cannot be shared between users.
    • Views change filters only on the tabs where those filters are specified. This is a known issue.

    To create a Saved View, select the filter values. 

    -        In the example below, we have used Repair HVAC



    -        Then click on “Unsaved View”  -> “Save”



    -        Name your Saved View, in this case Repair HVAC.



    -        In the future, instead of having to recalibrate the Trade and Category filters to HVAC and Repair respectively, users can just click on “Default View” and select “Repair HVAC" directly