Enhanced Subscriptions - Schedule Email Subscriptions to any Email Address

    There is web content that you can add to a dashboard that enables you to create subscriptions for individuals who don't have ProView access. Here are the directions on how to add it:

    1.       Click on edit dashboard gear



    2.      Click on ‘Web Content’ button



    3.       Copy and paste the following URL in the Embed Web Content window: https://na1.proview.servicechannel.com/labs/apps/schedule_emails_envelope/#%CURRENT_DASHBOARD_URI%/%CURRENT_DASHBOARD_TAB_URI%


    4.      An envelope in a white square box will appear


    5.      Resize and place the envelope preferably in the top left corner of the dashboard


    6.      When the user clicks on the envelope, the following window will open up




    7.      In the recipients box, type in the email addresses. If adding any email addresses, make sure to ticks the little box under the recipients box, the one that says “Send my view of dashboard to everyone".  This ensures that even if they are not a user, they get the same view of the dashboard that the person setting up the schedule sees.  Normal ‘users’ will see their own versions of the dashboard.

    If attempting to send to a subscription to a user whose email address is not recognized and the box is not checked, an error box will appear.



    However, once the box is checked, you should be able to schedule subscriptions