What is a 'Metric'? / Understanding Metrics

    Metrics – The Center piece of Reports


    The primary mission is to help you gain business insights from your metrics – those numerical
    values that populate (or are visually represented within) your reports and widgets. Below we’ll
    provide a few more details on what we really mean by this term.


    Metrics Are Aggregations


    Metrics are fundamentally aggregations of facts. Here, when say fact we mean a numerical
    record that represents an individual business transaction. In other words, facts are the numbers
    you’d find in each cell of a spreadsheet:

    • Revenue earned from a sale

    • Cost of some item purchased

    • The hours worked by one employee

    • The number of items shipped in one delivery


      Facts can be aggregated by any of four operations, explained in further detail below:


    A fifth aggregation operation for forming metrics is COUNT.

     - COUNT is distinct from the other operations because it aggregates attribute values rather than facts.



    Advanced Metric Definitions

    Metrics are fundamentally aggregations of facts and attribute values, but that’s not to say that
    an aggregation is all that goes into forming a metric. Metrics can also take on the following

    • Metrics can contain one or more predefined metrics, which can be combined or
      manipulated with various arithmetic operations.

    • Metrics can contain numerical variables that take on different values, customized for certain
      users or groups of users, impacting metric computations in reports displayed on those
      users’ dashboards.

    • Metrics can contain functions like absolute value, signum and square root.

    • Metrics can contain one or more filters that specify which subsets of data should be
       included or excluded when computing metric values.

    • Metrics can contain complex conditional statements. • Metrics can be set to override report attribute and filter settings in various ways. As you can see,              metrics are powerful tools for anyone seeking business insights from their data.