Creating Subscriptions in the New Proview

    Scheduling Emails for Sharing Dashboards and Reports____


    From the Emailing Dashboards Tab you can monitor preexisting scheduled emails or schedule new emails for sharing static representations of your project’s dashboards and reports with other members of your project.

    Reconfigure an existing scheduled email by clicking its name in the Description column. Configure a new scheduled email by clicking Schedule New Email, or by duplicating and modifying an existing scheduled email with the Duplicate link.


    Figure 153 Scheduled dashboard sharing

    Whether you’re setting up a new scheduled email or reconfiguring an existing (or duplicated) one, you’ll find the settings are identical.

    Figure 154 Schedule emails to share dashboards or reports at a pre-specified day and time.


    You can attach dashboards or reports to scheduled emails. Dashboards are emailed as PDFs:

    Figure 155 Attach one or more tabs of a dashboard

    Reports can be sent in several formats: inline message, PDF, Excel XLS, or CSV:

    Figure 156 Attach one or more project reports