Managing Client Rates

    To specify what your company may charge for a specific trade you service, please log in to and go to the Clients page.  Click on Client Rates from the side menu.        


    To begin, click on the Add New Rate Type button and create a rate type for your trade (GENERAL REPAIRS, for example).



    You are required to add a name (CLIENT NAME HERE, GENERAL REPAIRS RATES, for example) and you can enter your specific rating for this trade. Once the appropriate information has been entered in regards to this trade, click Save.



    Hovering your cursor over a ? question mark icon will provide a description for the field


    Now that you have specified pricing for your services, click the drop down menu under Client and choose the client you are assigning the pricing to.


    Once you have chosen the client, click the Propose tab under the My Rate Types section and click Propose.


    Click on the drop down menu under your trade name and you will see the rate type you added. Once you click on that rate type, it will be added to the trade and a green outline will appear on outside of the trade box and the information will be saved. 



    Once all Trades* are outlined in green a button labeled Send for approval will appear. 


    You will receive notification from the client if your rates have been approved or rejected.   

    Note: Should you have a trade listed for a rate is not being proposed to your client, create a rate listed as None, N/A, or Not Applicable (for example) as ALL trades must have an assigned rate to all for the Send for approval button to populate.


    Should you need help with your rates, please contact