Accepting a WorkForce Sub-Contractor Invitation

    When a host contractor company wants to work with you through WorkForce, you will receive an invitation through email. Accepting this invitation is important so that your host company can assign work orders to you that were generated on the ServiceChannel Service Automation platform. You, in turn, can then assign work orders to your technicians or sub-contractors.

    Example of Invitation Email

    How to Accept a WorkForce Sub-Contractor invitation:

    Tip: We recommend accepting this invitation on a desktop computer or tablet, and not on a mobile phone, as WorkForce is not optimized for small screens.

    1. In your company’s email, look for an email from with the subject line Subcontractor Invitation.
    2. Click Accept. The web browser will navigate to, and a confirmation banner appears indicating the accepted invitation.
    3. Click Sign Up. The Sign Up page appears.
    4. Enter your Company Name, Country, and State/Province (if applicable), and then click Next.
    5. On the Your Company…? modal, a list of existing companies may appear.
      1. If your company name is in the list: Stop here. Follow the steps to login to WorkForce with an existing Fixxbook account.
      2. If your company name is not in the list: Click Create New Account. The Account Details page appears.
    6. Enter your company information, and create a Password for your WorkForce account.

      Note: Passwords must contain at least 1 uppercase letter and 1 special character (such as ! # $ & *).

    7. Click the checkbox to agree to the Terms of Service.
    8. Click Done. The WorkForce console appears with your name listed as the Administrator.
      Example of a New Account Setup
    9. Click the down arrow to the right of your name, and then click the Profile tab underneath.
      New WorkForce Admin Profile
    10. Click the image icon to upload a picture of yourself that will appear on your Site Access Badge.
    11. On the Change Photo modal, click Choose a file…
    12. Browse your computer to locate a photo of yourself, and then click Open, Choose or OK.
    13. Resize and position your photo as needed, and then click Confirm Change. Your photo appears next to your name. This photo will also appear in JobSite whenever you are required to show a badge.
    14. (Optional) Add any additional profile information as desired.
    15. Click Save Account. Your profile updates with your new photo and information.
    16. Refresh the page. Your profile will turn blue, and will also read “Profile Complete.”
      Example of Completed Admin Profile in WorkForce

    Setting Up WorkForce

    Once your profile is complete you may: