Deleting a Sub-Contractor Connection in WorkForce

    You may delete a sub-contractor company from your WorkForce list when:

    • a sub-contractor declined an invitation to join you in Workforce;
    • you no longer wish to assign work orders to a sub-contractor company; or
    • a sub-contractor company opts to disconnect from your company. Those companies will have “Disconnected” as the status, as illustrated below for Magic Touch Facility:

    Deleting a Sub-Contractor Connection

    How to Delete a Sub-Contractor Connection:

    Note: Before deleting a sub-contractor connection, all work orders assigned to the sub-contractor must be reassigned to either another sub-contractor or one of your technicians.

    1. Under the Sub-Contractors tab, click the ⌄ (down chevron) next to the desired sub-contractor.
    2. (Required) Reassign all listed work orders listed for that sub-contractor to either another sub-contractor or your internal technicians.
    3. When the “None WorkOrders were assigned” message appears, click Delete. A confirmation modal appears.
    4. Click OK in the confirmation modal. The sub-contractor connection is removed from your WorkForce console.