Adding and Monitoring Sub-Contractors in WorkForce

    In WorkForce, you can manage sub-contractors with whom you do business. Should you need to assign work orders to sub-contractors, you can link them to your WorkForce account, and then assign work orders to the desired provider(s).

    You may:

    Adding Sub-Contractors

    You may add sub-contractors either singularly or in bulk. Note that you cannot assign work orders to a sub-contractor until after the company has accepted your WorkForce invitation.

    How to add a single Sub-Contractor:

    1. In to WorkForce sub-menu, click the Sub-Contractors tab.
    2. Click +Add . The Add Sub-Contractor modal appears.
    3. Enter the Company Name and Country, and then Next Step.
      • If the contractor’s company appears, select Yes, This One.
      • If the contractor’s company does not appear, select None of the Above.
    4. Enter the account details, and then click Send or Done.
    5. Read the Message Sent modal, and then click Close. The sub-contractor is added to the list.

    Add a Single Sub-Contractor to WorkForce

    Once a sub-contractor is created in WorkForce you can:

    How to Add Multiple Sub-Contractors (Bulk Upload):

    1. On top of the Technician list, click Bulk Upload. The Bulk Upload overlay appears.
    2. Click Download Spreadsheet (titled “Subcontractor upload template.xlsx”) and then Save the Excel spreadsheet.
    3. Open the Subcontractor upload template.xlsx spreadsheet and enter each Company Name, Country, State / Province, the First Name and Last Name of the Administrator of the account, Website, Company email address, and Phone, one per row.
    4. Save the spreadsheet once all sub-contractors are added.
    5. In WorkForce, click Upload Spreadsheet to locate and select the spreadsheet on your hard drive, and then click Open or OK. The Bulk Upload modal appears. The sub-contractors will list on the page for you to review the information for accuracy.
    6. (Optional) Click any field to edit information, or add information that may not have transferred correctly.
    7. Click Proceed. The email message appears.
    8. (Optional) In the message box, edit any information as necessary.   
    9. Click Finish, and then (if needed) refresh the page. The sub-contractor companies list on the WorkForce console.

    Add Multiple Sub-Contractors to WorkForce

    Once a sub-contractor is created in WorkForce you can:

    Monitoring Sub-Contractor’s WorkForce Invitation Acceptance

    Note: You cannot assign work orders to a sub-contractor through WorkForce until the company has accepted your invitation.

    Sub-contractors must accept your invitation in order for you can dispatch work orders through WorkForce. Below are the statuses you may see alongside a sub-contractor company in WorkForce, so you can manage the relationship:

    Monitoring Invited Sub-Contractors

    • WF Acc Created: The sub-contractor has accepted the invitation. You are now able to assign work orders to that sub-contractor through WorkForce.
      • You can also see the number of JobSite technician profiles completed for that sub-contractor, as well as the number of technicians who have been background screened through the WorkForce system.

        Note: WorkForce Background Screening is slated for release in mid-2018.

    • No Response: The sub-contractor has yet to accept the invitation. You will see the date the invitation was sent. The Invite Again button appears next to each sub-contractor, so you can send another invitation after some time has passed.
    • Declined: The sub-contractor has rejected the invitation. You cannot assign work orders to that sub-contractor.

      Note: In case the sub-contractor declined the invitation in error, you must first delete the company from the console, and then add the invitation again.

    There is also a Disconnected status, which occurs when a sub-contractor company removes itself from your list. See Deleting a Sub-Contractor Connection in WorkForce for more information.