Picking an Account Type for WorkForce Technicians

    You can choose the level of service each technician can provide your clients by picking an Account Type. Each Account Type allows a set level of access in JobSite for when technicians arrive onsite.

    Pick an Account Type for a Technician

    • Basic is a free account which allows your technicians to use JobSite as a GPS App to check in and out of work orders. Technicians on this account type cannot be dispatched to clients who require Site Access to badge technicians.
    • Badged is a monthly subscription service which allows your technicians to be dispatched to clients who require Site Access. Technicians can have their badge scanned by clients to gain entry into locations. This subscription service is currently $5.00 USD per technician.

    Here is a comparison chart depicting the Account Types offered:


    Note: When creating an account, you must enter a credit card number or bank transfer number to order the level of service, even when you select the Basic option.

    How to Pick an Account Type:

    1. Under the Employees tab, click Pick Account Type to the right of the desired technician. The Acct Type For: modal appears.
    2. Select the level of service required.
    3. Click Save Changes. The Site Access Payment Details modal appears.
    4. Click either the Credit card tab or the Bank Transfer tab, and enter the appropriate account information.

      Important: Even when selecting the Basic level, you must enter either a credit card number or a bank transfer number. However, ServiceChannel will not charge you for using Basic services.

    5. Click the box to agree to the Terms of Service.
    6. Click Agree & Subscribe. The technician will update with the level of service purchased.
      Technician with a Picked Account Type