About WorkForce for Site Access


    WorkForce is a software solution designed for technician management and security compliance requirements from their clients.

    When your client or provider partner sends you work orders, use WorkForce to assign work orders to technicians and/or sub-contractors. Technicians will then use a web application called JobSite to manage these work orders, show their site access ‘badge’ to gain entry to locations, and check in and out of work orders.

    WorkForce is part of Site Access technology, which provides transparency between locations and technicians by offering on-site efficiency, compliance and security for both you and your clients. It assures security — while also helping you feel secure — during on-site access.

    The levels for Site Access are:

    • Basic: Give your technicians or provider partners access to JobSite GPS Check-In to check in and out of work orders.
    • Badged: In compliance with Site Access, your technicians and provider partners must show a Badge at each location in order to gain entry.

    Accessing WorkForce

    WorkForce is an extension of ServiceChannel’s Fixxbook solution.

    • Those who already use Fixxbook and have the role of System Admin, as defined in Fixxbook can simply log in.
    • Those who have never used Fixxbook have to first Sign Up for an account.

    How to Access WorkForce

    1. Navigate to workforce.servicechannel.com.
    2. Click either Login or Sign Up to WorkForce: