Viewing Scheduled-to-Arrive Technicians in Site Access

    In SC Mobile you may view the list of technicians scheduled to work at your store. There are two tabs in SC Mobile:

    By default, the Scheduled tab opens after launching Site Access:

    List of Scheduled Providers Needing Site Access

    Viewing Badges for Scheduled Technicians

    Technicians assigned to work orders with scheduled dates within the next 24 hours will appear on the Scheduled list. This is beneficial so you can see exactly who is supposed to arrive at your location before they arrive, and that the right technician who is supposed to be there actually shows up (instead of someone else).

    For each listing you will see the technician’s name and telephone number, the Scheduled Date, the Provider Company, the trade, and the provider company’s telephone number. Tapping different areas retrieve the following information:

    Provider Details

    Name and Phone Number: Allows you to call the technician directly from your mobile device.

    Technician’s Photo: Displays the technician’s badge, which shows the technician’s photo; the expiration date of the badge; the technician’s phone number; the provider company’s phone number; and whether the badge has been verified by someone at your location.

    [#] Open WOs: Shows the details of a work order (when only one work order is assigned) or a list of work orders (when more than one is assigned).

    List of Open Work Orders for a Scheduled Site Access Provider

    Grant Access: Allows you to scan a badge, so to give the technician entry to the location. (See “Granting Access and Viewing Access Granted Technicians” for more information.)

    How to view a technician’s Badge:

    1. From the SC Mobile home page, tap Site Access.
      • (For users with one location) The Scheduled list of technicians appears.
      • (For users with multiple locations) Tap a Location to view the Scheduled list of technicians.
    2. Tap the technician’s photo. The technician’s Badge appears.

    From here, you can see when the badge was generated by the technician, and whether it has been validated by either you or someone at your location. (See “Granting Access and Viewing Access Granted Technicians” for more information.)

    Provider's Site Access Badge